The platform for raising cryptocurrency crowd-donations for incentive awards and other science endeavours


Welcome to Bitcoin Utopia!

Bitcoin Utopia is a crowd-donation platform for incentive awards and science projects. It is a channel to mine and donate bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Utopia has two websites: com and net.

Imagine, if you could leave your computer on to make money, literally. It has not been possible, because we have been using fiat money, but it has been possible since the introduction of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and litecoin. Those are only two examples of mineable cryptocurrencies.

Now imagine, if you could do something to encourage people to make innovations to solve everyday problems we are facing. That’s where the money comes in: People do work because they are usually paid for it. Science projects tend to fail if they are underfunded. There are organizations hosting innovation competitions and incentive awards. There are charities raising donations for good causes.

With the power of the crowd it is possible to raise decent amounts of donations for science projects and incentive awards. That is what we do here in Bitcoin Utopia. We have science project campaigns and incentive award campaigns for raising donations.

There are basically two different methods for contributing

  • contributing by mining cryptocurrencies for the cryptocurrency addresses of the campaign
  • contributing by sending cryptocurrencies to the cryptocurrency addresses of the campaign

There are two types of customers in Bitcoin Utopia, donator customers and donatee customers.

  • Donator customer: The user who donates (e.g. by mining cryptocurrencies with his/her computer or sending them directly from his/her cryptocurrency wallet). Bitcoin Utopia will get the fee of 15% of the BOINC mined donations from donator customers without which Bitcoin Utopia would not be possible.
  • Donatee customer: The organization who needs a donation (for either incentive award or science project). They must obey the local laws and have a permission to raise donations (if applicable).